Acoustic Images

Object and Line to Space

AV performance, live set, 2012 - 2018

Sound and visuals are interdependent.
Position, size, speed, and brightness of objects and lines
generate sound, its spectrum, volume and rhythm.
Live performance combines algorithmic composition and live improvisation.
Based on PureData/GEM.
Selected performances
SA))mOst' 05, Moscow, Russia, Desember 2012
Co-working concert, Moscow, Russia, February 2013
LPM Live Performers Meeting, City Hall, Cape Town, South Africa, November 2013
SA))mOst' 08, Moscow, Russia, March 2014
Electric Night, Athens, Greece, April 2014
Museum Night 2014, Moscow, Russia, May 2014
Noise & Fury festival, Moscow, Russia, June 2014
Subject \ Object Sound, Moscow, Russia, July 2014
Radical dB 2014, Zaragosa, Spain, November 2014
The Engine Room, Morley Gallery, London, England, May 2015
Archstoyaniye 2015, Nikola Lenivets, Russia, July 2015
Ars Electronica 2015, PostCity, Linz, Austria, September 2015
HPL Media Street Event, St.-Petersburg, Russia, September 2015
ISSTA 2017, Dundalk, Ireland, September 2017

Project Keywords
Pure Data, GEM, spectral music, generative art, real time, OpenGL, Fast Fourier transform, audio processing, audiovisuals.
sound and visuals by Alexander Senko
Object and Line to Space tech rider (eng)