Acoustic Images


Polina Dronyaeva

The paper was presented at the Amberplatform conference "Paratactic commons", during
the Amber'12 Art and Technology festival, 9-18 November 2012, in Istanbul, Turkey.
If we want to understand the societal applications of the digital commons we should move from ontological to phenomenological perspective. Thus we will return the Subject in our thinking and start to discern what is it for people in the digital commons.
Both Andersen’s story “The Swineherd” and the communication theory will help understand a seemingly paradoxical situation represented by paratactic commons.
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International conference Cultural Research in the Context of "Digital Humanities"

3-5 October 2013 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I was honoured to participate in the first conference on Digital Humanities in Russia. The catalogue of all papers is available from the organisers at the Herzen Pedagogical University (Saint-Petersburg). My presentation (slightly different from the paper) is available here, both linear and non-linear:

"Новые медиа как технологии себя"

Международный симпозиум «Pro&Contra медиакультуры»
16-19 октября 2013 г. Москва, Россия
"Расщепления визуального: Значение новых медиа"
Организатор: МВО «Манеж»
Со-организатор: Центр культуры и искусства «МедиаАртЛаб»

Международный симпозиум «Pro&Contra медиакультуры» уже в течение более 10 лет ставит своей задачей обнаружить связи между
искусством, наукой, политикой, экономикой и технологиями, представить инновационные проекты на стыке современного искусства и
социальных практик, экспериментальной науки, дигитального искусства и дизайна, перформанса и программирования, анимации и
медиаархитектуры. Я участвовала в разделе "Панель 3. Галерея и метро: как медиа-арт меняет повседневное восприятие?" с работой
"Новые медиа как технологии себя" (на данный момент это пока моя единственная публикация на русском, хотя и вторая конференция в России)

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The paper presents different examples of sentimental journeys starting from the legendary journey of Laurence Sterne to the Akademik Shokalskiy ship stuck in the Antarctic ice as an argument for introduction of the term ‘Technologies of Self’ as a useful tool to describe the ways people cope with unfamiliar circumstances. Just as Phatic communication describes non-informational exchange as a tool of contact establishment with others, the term‘Technologies of Self’ helps understand audience behaviour in the interactive environment as a tool of
self-mastery via reflection.
Polina Dronyaeva

New Media as “Technologies of Self”
Polina Dronyaeva, Alexander Senko
Within the “aesthetics of existence” framework the Ancient Greeks developed an entire activity of speaking and writing in which the work of oneself on oneself and communication with others were linked together. Michel Foucault described these practices as “Technologies of Self”. Ubiquitous interactive media of our times intensify those practices in number and frequency, which brings back to agenda the urgency of conceptualisation of individual conduct and agency. We propose to use Foucault’s notion of “Technologies of Self” when we need to focus on the conduct rather than content of human activities, for example, when describing interactive arts’ audience behaviour. Our artist-run laboratory ‘Acoustic Images’ created a series of art projects which bring to light these practices ‘of self’ by making people conscious of the activities, which would normally go unnoticed.
You can find it in ICLI2014 proceedings on the page 313 Dronyaeva, Senko "New media as technologies of self" then press the "Link to extended text" for another pdf or download directly here: (4 page text)
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This paper was presented at the International Conference on Live Interfaces "Inter-face" in Lisbon in November 2014.
The paper was presented at the 20th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA), Dubai, in November 2014 (
You can find the paper "New Media as Technologies of Self, or 'Sentimental Journey' of Modern Nomads." on the page 318 of the Proceedings
or as a separate page on our website.