Acoustic Images

Points of Inflection

Generative Audiovisual Composition, 2015

The sound and visuals are interdependent. The algorithmic composition produces a lissajous figure with different frequency ratios and a phase
modulation. The curve generates pitch, harmonics and volume of sound. The inflection points on the curve create rhythmic structures.
The work was created with visual programming language Pure Data.
Selected performances
“Code Nebula” / The Wrong (again) - New Digital Art Biennale, October 2015
Amorphous Av FEST, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, June 2017
PIKSEL17 -- We Take EmoCoin!, Bergen, Norway, November 2017
CYFEST11 "To Touch The Sky", NYC, USA, December 2017, St.-Petersburg, Russia, February 2018

Project Keywords
Pure Data, GEM, spectral music, generative art, real time, OpenGL, Fast Fourier transform, audio processing, audiovisuals.
sound and visuals by Alexander Senko