Acoustic Images

Spam Art
sound installation by Polina Dronyaeva

Interior-ity special project, 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia, October 2011

Selected exhibitions and presentations

For me, producing mash-ups is a non-informational way to respond to the spam or to the radio show. Like the audience in our sound
installations, here too I am emerged in the environment, of which I have no control: I cannot change the content of the incoming spam,
hardly can stop it to come into my mailbox, and even cannot respond to the mail. Unlike gallery visitors I cannot even leave the
environment, created for me by my mailbox! Thus the only way to ‘respond’ to it is to produce manipulations, by which I signal to myself
(not to the others) my own attitude towards the issue. I do not respond to the mail or the radio show, I respond to my own emotions
triggered by them. Thus my conduct becomes philosophy.
Polina Dronyaeva
More thoughts in Writings
Sonification of a real spam received in daily mail.
In my research on interactive arts I observe how the audience  cope  with  unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable  circumstances.
My own strategies to cope  with  informational  flow (like unsolicited spam mail)  also  provide  me  with  artistic  material.